Why Ps & Gs might work for you

Ps & Gs is a church that believes in a faith that changes the whole of our lives, and the whole of society.

Ps & Gs is a big church: if you like hustle and bustle and lots of different people involved in different things, we could be a good match for you.

Ps & Gs cares about poverty, injustice, and those who are vulnerable, and we support and work on a wide range of social causes and projects.

Ps & Gs is home to people who have been following Jesus for years, and people who are exploring faith for the very first time.

Ps & Gs offers a variety of services and styles of worship. If you like hymns and liturgy, or if you like synths and drums, you’ll find a place here.

Ps & Gs has one of the largest children’s and young people’s ministries in Scotland, with over 150 children in Sunday groups – one for each school year – tailored to your child’s age and stage.


Ps & Gs takes discipleship seriously and is committed to seeing people discover faith and grow in commitment, to become the people that Jesus is calling them to be.

Might Ps & Gs work for you?

You can read more about our vision and values here